Issey Miyake Marunouchi

09.04.2015 | Fashion | BY:

Issey Miyake has obtained legendary status in the fashion world, with his multitudinous labels garnering a cult following. On 4 April, the brand will open its first multi-label store, Issey Miyake Marunouchi, in Tokyo.

Featuring 6 Issey labels (although sadly not the iconic Pleats Please), the store focuses on the contract between history and the future. The Tokujin Yoshioka-designed space is themed around the colour red, with a sleek, luxurious feel to compliment Miyake’s minimalist aesthetic.

The brands included in the store cover just about anything you could imagine. From In-Ei, which uses materials from recycled polyester, to 132 5., which creates clothes through algorithms, the focus remains on Mr Miyake’s pioneering approach to sustainability in fashion.


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