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Fashion short films are by no means a novelty, Chanel have done it, Dior have done it and for the past four years the perennially-clad-in-black Diane Pernet has sworn by it with her ASVOFF itinerant fashion film competition.

What makes Miu Miu’s series of shorts, which were screened at the Venice Film Festival’s Giornate degli Autori, interesting and incidentally relevant to Twin, is the central focus on women.

Entitled Women’s Tales, they are a far cry from what one might expect (a longer than usual commercial), but rather are engaging narratives written and directed by relevant female directors with entirely different backgrounds.

The choice of directors itself shows that this is not just about celebrating women, it’s also about embracing individuality.

The latest instalment of the series entitled It’s getting late, shot by Iranian-American director Massy Tadjedin, follows four LA residents as they are getting ready to go out.

While Giada Colagrande’s short film was surreal with the occasional clin d’oeil to David Lynch, and Lucrecia Martel’s Muta was filled with fantasy and mystique, It’s getting late follows the guiding thread of an all female cast whose scenes are accompanied by ethereal and eerie melodies, but it has the added advantage of portraying women that viewers can relate to.

Following the successful release of the first four films, Miu Miu has promised to commission further Women’s Tales films in the future, so watch this space and in the meantime watch these shorts…

Premiered in Venice – It’s Getting Late directed by Massy Tadjedin:


The Powder Room directed by Zoe Cassavetes:


MUTA directed by Lucrecia Martel:


The Woman Dress directed by Giada Colagrande:

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