Christian Louboutin: A Nude For Every Woman

26.06.2015 | Fashion | BY:

Christian Louboutin astutely commented that “nude is not a colour, it’s concept.”

This remark came as part of the reasons behind the extension of his acclaimed nude collection: it now includes five shades of nude, from fair to a rich chestnut, as well as two new shoe styles.

Louboutin is famously inspired by the female form, and originally created nude shoes to enhance the fluidity, versatility and allure of a woman’s body.

The two new, seasonal shoes styles will be Deepik and Dorissima, the former an open-toe with a waved heel, and the latter a timeless pump with a heart-shaped toe, with a thin heel.

The launch will be accompanied by a user-generated social media campaign – follow it using the tag #NudesForAll.


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