Aries Debuts Flagship Store in London’s Soho

This April, Aries opened its first ever store in Soho, London. Designed in-house and in collaboration with Brinkworth and Wilson Brothers, the Aries Soho store will showcase Aries in-line collections in full for the first time in bricks and mortar and will function as a curated concept store and art space.

This April, Aries opened its first ever store in Soho, London. Designed in-house and in collaboration with Brinkworth and Wilson Brothers, the Aries Soho store will showcase Aries in-line collections in full for the first time in bricks and mortar and will function as a curated concept store and art space.
Photo courtesy of Aries

The store will feature exclusive brand collaborations, brought to life with installation pop-ups, as well as a rotating concept trading with collaborators, friends and like-minded international partners, from clothing and music to books and art, allowing visitors to immerse themselves into the Aries world.

With its own entrance on Bridle Lane, Parisian-born coffee shop Paperboy will also open its first official outpost in London, exclusively serving the brand’s own signature sandwiches and coffees, in collaboration with Aries and Dark Arts Coffee.

It’s also announced that the store will be housing exhibitions, alongside seasonal collections and store exclusives. Its rails will be rotating between pop-ups by South London’s leading vintage re-sell brand, JerksTM and London-based luxury unisex jewellery brand, Bunney.

Photo courtesy of Aries

Founded by Italian-born Sofia Prantera of Silas and Holmes fame, Aries was born out of an ongoing love of trash culture, outsider art, graphics and illustration. Since graduating from Central Saint Martins in the early ‘90s, Sofia has been an integral part of the skate and streetwear community for over 25 years with three successful brands under her belt.

Photo courtesy of Aries

The Aries Soho store officially opened its doors Monday 17th April 2023.

Twin Issue XXVVIII: Noon by Noor SS23

First showcased at London fashion week 2022, the noon by Noor collection comes into its own this spring. Pale Pinks, Mint Greens, Stone and Navy create a neutral base from which the brand plays with texture and form.

Noon By Noor designers Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa and Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa present precision engineered sportswear-inspired shapes and sculptural layers. Boxy oversized shirts meet chiffon and lace, layered over low slung pants or dresses

“We think the Noon By Noor woman will have fun styling this collection. It is conceptually simple yet rich with unexpected details,” said Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa.

Simplicity of form, function and a clean precise aesthetic extends through to the photography and styling in this strong visual identity.

The collection is conceptually presented with a film that showcases a portrayal of sisterhood in the context of the home through sculptural gestures, touch and togetherness.

The designers worked alongside Art Director Sarah-Jayne Todd, Photographer and Filmmaker Esther Theaker, Stylist Hanna Kelifa and Casting Director Gabrielle Lawrence to craft the season’s visual media starring identical twins AmelieKöpf and Charlotte Köpf exclusive to Noon By Noor at London Fashion Week.“We loved engaging with an all-woman team this season and are very grateful for everyone who has helped us bring our vision to life” remarks Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa.

Founded in Bahrain in 2008 by business partners and cousins, Shaikha Noor Al Khalifa and Shaikha Haya Al Khalifa, the womenswear brand became the first GCC-based fashion brand to be invited to NYFW in 2013, where it continued to show prior to its shift to LFW in 2021.

Twin Issue XXVIII


Soo Joo Park, model, musician and Chanel ambassador is here to guide you into the new season as Twin 28 lands. Let her show you how to wear and style the new season with elegance, finesse and a little old-school nostalgia. 

The issue is the ultimate inspiration and companion for brighter days ahead with fashion that spans power, freedom, imagination, new rules, pop colour, paradise charm and the trickiest of hues – red.

Plus must-read interviews, conversation and curation with Diana Policarpo, Gabby Laurent, Cinzia Ruggeri, Lewis Dalton Gilbert, Marguerite Humeau, Olivier Theyskens, Stefan Cooke and Jake Burt, and a tribute to Hilary Alexander, the late great fashion journalist who passed away earlier this year. 


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Dior Pre-Fall 2023

DIOR: Pre-Fall 2023 show in Mumbai

Dior has announced Mumbai’s Gateway of India as the location of the fashion house’s Pre-Fall 2023 presentation on March 30. This will be the first time a European luxury maison stages an official calendar show in India. As part of Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri’s commitment to support and collaborate with Mumbai-based talent, the collection will feature pieces embellished with intricate embroidery by Chanakya, an atelier and craftsmanship school for women in Mumbai. 

The show plays tribute to the visionary spirit of Christian Dior and his successors who had a profound admiration for India. As the first-ever female creative director of Dior, Chiuri’s partnership with Chanakya evolves the brand’s feminine identity and values. The non-profit organisation was founded by Monica Shah and Karishma Swali and seeks to empower female artisans from low-income backgrounds with skills that enable them to earn a livelihood within the fashion industry -an ethos which resonates strongly with the feminist message that Chiuri has actively pushed forth through collaborations with female craftspeople, image-makers and artists within the fashion industry. 

Gateway of India © Ganesh Vanare

Chiuri wrote in an Instagram post: “It was through this relationship with Chanakya that I was able to learn so much about the artisanal embroidery techniques, which are still found in each and every Indian region, and the unique ability of the Chanakya Atelier to put them in dialogue with the fashion industry.”

Under Chiuri’s wing, the presentation will showcase India’s rich technical knowledge within the field of craft and fashion. And with the luxury sector in India expected to explode over the next decade, the country is quickly becoming a destination for global brands looking to expand their footprint.

The collection will be available in stores from late April, featuring an array of evening coats, silk dresses and sari-inspired skirts.



Nana Komatsu for Chanel Beauty

CHANEL: Beauty Backstage Fall-Winter 2023/24

The CHANEL Fall-Winter 2023/24 Ready-To-Wear Collection pays tribute to the brand’s iconic white camellia motif. Imagined by Virginia Viard, this season is described to be afloat with asymmetrical silhouettes traversed by the camellia motifs, an eternal code of the brand.

The show took place in Paris’s Grand Palais Éphémère. At its centre, a larger-than-life white camellia and cinematic images of Japanese actress and House Ambassador Nana Komatsu, a spectacle directed by Inez and Vinnodh.  

Komatsu evolves within a set inspired by William Klein’s Who Are You, Polly Maggoo?, “It’s the idea of a Japanese woman in Paris, with a spirit of light-heartedness and freedom,” tells Inez and Vinnodh. “In the way she moves in the video there is a sense of wonder, a sense of displacement and belonging.”

As precise as it is profound, the makeup palette mirrored the collection.  Featuring black, white and pink tones with washes of silver on the eyelids and layers of mascara on bottom and top lashes for a fluttery effect. On the lips, nude touches of rouge to complement a sheer complexion with a matte finish.

Image courtesy of CHANEL

Virginie Viard had intended for the collection to be delicate and in motion. “The energy of the merry-go-round of wooden horses that provides the setting for Inez & Vinoodh’s film, with actress Nana Komatsu as the heroine, gave me the idea for the Bermuda short suits and the asymmetries,” she reveals.

Nana Komatsu by Inez and Vinnodh
Image courtesy of CHANEL



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Twin Picks: We Found Our Own Reality @CTM

At the end of a deep Berlin tunnel, lies an exhibition that marks the cornerstone of this year’s edition of CTM festival in Berlin. We Found Our Own Reality examines the cultural, political, and post-colonial echoes of South Asia’s avant-garde sonic pioneers. This large-scale exhibition at Betonhalle, brings together architecture, furniture, textiles, and sound to explore India’s first electronic music studio, founded in 1969 at the National Institute of Design (NID)* in Ahmedabad. The exhibition curator – artist and musician Paul Purgas – also presents a new work from a collection of unheard recordings by five previously unknown Indian electronic composers.

Alongside the exhibition and vast research output by Purgas, is an in depth talks and events programme, including a great discussion on “Feminist Perspectives on Night Life and Music Scenes in India and its Global Diaspora” with Nabihah Iqbal and Dehli-based DJ Lush Lata, who went on to bring her legendary mix of influences Panorama Bar for Thursday evening’s CTM club night.

*”Founded after India’s independence, the NID was a multi-disciplinary facility to train a new generation of free thinking modern designers, animators, ceramicists, film-makers, and sound artists. The exhibition explores the technological and experimental ambition of the NID’s electronic music studio across its four year lifespan at a moment of unprecedented national transformation and cultural exchange between Western and Indian Modernist ideologies, narrating its dialogue with the international sonic and visual avant-gardes of Europe and the USA.”

Curated and created by Paul Purgas
More information:

Twin Picks: The Horror Show!

Ray Stevenson, The Bromley, 1978 (c) Ray Stevenson.jpg

A giant fanged mouth frames the entrance to the subterreanean space of Somerset house on London’s embankment this winter.

Presenting some of the greatest cultural provocateurs and visionaries, The Horror Show! examines how ideas rooted in horror have informed the last 50 years of creative rebellion in Britain.

An immersive exhibition through over 200 artworks and culturally significant artefacts, the exhibition presents modern British history in three acts – Monster, Ghost and Witch through 1970s punk to the revolutionary potential of modern witchcraft, showing how “the anarchic alchemy of horror – its subversion, transgression and the supernatural – can help make sense of the world around us”.

Juno Calypso , A Dream in Green, Courtesy of the artist

Horror not only allows us to express our deepest fears; it gives a powerful voice to the marginalised and society’s outliers, providing us with tools to overcome our anxieties and imagine a radically different future. 

The exhibition is an invitation to imagine a radically different future through outliers and marginalised persons and practices. The Horror Show! is co-curated by BAFTA nominated filmmakers Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard with curator Claire Catterall and open until 19th Feb 2022.

Twin meets: Ninni Nummela

Ninni Nummela is a professional make-up artist known for her editorial work and plethora of celebrity clients. She has a keen eye for touching simplicity, focusing on the enhancement of natural beauty. Emma Clarke caught up with Nummella to talk with her about a recent project using Chanel Noir Allure – Chanel’s latest innovative mascara.

What were your main influences/inspirations for the look created with Liz Collins, using Chanel Noir Allure? We wanted to create a story with beautiful moments on a late summer’s day, where an effortless beauty look with naturally radiant skin brings focus to the Chanel Noir Allure mascara. Lived in mascara, like she’s been wearing it all day; swimming, running, lounging. Nothing too perfect. 

What about Chanel’s style is synonymous with your creative outlook?
I love the understated elegance of Chanel. The simplicity and beauty. It’s very much synonymous with my work and how I approach beauty. 

Chanel Noir Allure’s design is indicative of simplicity. What is your definition of both and how is that reflected in your work?
To me Chanel makeup is iconic; the design, colours and compacts all reflect a true elegance. The Chanel Noir Allure mascara is the epitome of Chanel; sleek, beautiful and easy to use.

My work is very much less is more. I always strive to enhance the individual beauty of the person I’m working with by enhancing elements and never applying too much.

How do you negotiate the balance between an iconic beauty brand and innovation?
I always try to innovate and create looks that will inspire, while always reflecting the essence of the iconic Chanel brand.

What do you envision the future of beauty and style to be?
I envision individuality will play a big role, in both beauty and style. Self-expression and inclusivity. 

Twin Issue XXVII


Issue 27 of Twin has landed! And we’re really excited about this issue, which features Lara Stone as one of the cover stars, alongside Ajok Madel; and brings you the best of fashion for the new autumn/winter season. Think dinner-time jewels, climactic couture, self-expression, the new grunge, how to dress up for going out now and an entirely new take on the enfant terrible.

Inside, we speak with the actress Betsey Brown, who shares how rejection has only served to make her stronger and succeed in her own inimitable way; and we catch up with the IRL-and-URL designer Charli Cohen, who is making waves in the hybrid fashion world. We look at why boobs are in fashion in both the art and style worlds; meanwhile there are interviews with the multi-hyphenate Howardena Pindell, photographer Hannah Starkey, artist Megan Rooney and curator Laura Amann. 


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CHANEL: Beauty Backstage

The CHANEL Spring-Summer 2023 Ready-To-Wear Collection draws inspiration from arthouse film Last Year in Marienbad (1961) by Alain Renais. A haunting classic, the fiolm takes place in an eerie Marienbad and splices together scenes in a non-linear series of images and set pieces, and similarly the CHANEL Spring-Summer 2023 Ready-to-Wear collection is described as a collage.

The collection is imagined by Virginie Viard as a “free stroll through fragments, it exposes an imaginary world confronted with itself, offering variations on the theme of allure” as she explains, “the films we have seen, those that possess us and those we invent for ourselves, Marienbad, the Nouvelle Vague, the allure according to Gabrielle Chanel, Karl, the night, feathers, sequins, heels: I like it when things get mixed up”.

The collection seams together bows, boas, rhinestone boots, jersey worked like scales and chiffon tracing contours of the body, flowing and dreamlike.

Virginie explains, “whether it’s her [Kristen Stewart], or the other women I dress, I need to feel that they like the clothes anyway. But, of the people around me, she is the closest to Gabrielle Chanel, at least to my idea of her. She understands CHANEL, its clothes. And with her, it becomes even more modern. This collection, it’s also her.”

The makeup mirrored the timeless colour palette of the show with nude shades on the eyes and lips to compliment each models skin tone.

The lashes were kept bare with only a light dusting of Les 4 Ombres Tweed on the lids.



Tyler Mitchell presents Chrysalis

Opening this evening at London’s Gagosian gallery, this large scale photographic exhibition showcases the work of Altanta-born photographer Tyler Mitchell, now reknowned for his distinctive editorials including Beyoncé’s cover for Vogue. Describing the exhibition he explains,

Collectively, these moments become figments of an imaginative psychic state of being, one in which radiance, resistance, restraint, comfort, and full human agency exist.

The duality of organic and manmade, staged and naturalistic combine in Cage, which shows a woman posing before a painted backdrop of a garden surrounded by a white picket fence.

Tyler Mitchell, A Glint of Possibility, 2022, archival pigment print, 50 × 40 inches (127 × 101.6 cm), edition of 3 + 2 AP © Tyler Mitchell, image courtesy the artist; Jack Shainman Gallery, New York; and Gagosian

For Chrysalis, the New York photographer has continued his exloration of youth and coming of age while reflecting on the history of photographic images of Black people, particularly in the American South. The images bring into focus a sense of spirituality, transformation and aspiration.

As the gallery describes, “Chrysalis presents images of Black men and women in idyllic states of leisure and repose, safe and unencumbered by social expectations. In a photograph that shares its title with the exhibition, a young man sleeps on a blanket-covered bed, within the protective cocoon of a mosquito net.”

October 6–November 12, 2022
Gagosian 17–19 Davies Street, London

Mitchell’s work is also to be featured in The New Black Vanguard, an exhibition curated by Antwaun Sargent that will open at Saatchi Gallery, London, on October 28, 2022.

Tyler Mitchell, Gagosian Gallery, Davies Street, September 2022

Agnes Costa @ Flou Paris

Marton Perlaki

An intimate photography show opened in Paris last week for one evening only, organised by Agnes Costa in association with Rapid Eye Darkroom . invited artists to respond to the brief “blurry”. The intimate show played host to the bright lights of the photography world including Drew Vickers, Maxime Imbert and Larissa Hoffman.

Louis Canadas

As Agnes explains, “I used to organise these kind of exhibitions at Rapid eye when I was working there – I would give a theme (we did ‘Blue’, ‘Pink’ and ‘Woman’ at Rapid eye few years ago) – and then ask a few of my friends to hand print something. Everyone was free to print anything they wanted around that theme, so we would always end up with something very versatile and interesting…I moved to Paris to open my own darkroom here and it made sense to keep organising these kind of events that bring people together and celebrate hand printing which is something very dear to my heart!”

Thomas Christiani

The exhibition took place at Flou, 13 Rue de Mont Louis, 75011 Paris

BTS exclusive: Twin presents BMUET(TE) at LFW

For London Fashion Week 2022, Twin commissioned photographer Natalie Lloyd to document the brightest, boldest, best and most distinctive moments of the week.

Below are the highlights from BMUET(TE)’s presentation Spring-Summer 2023…

BTS exclusive: Twin presents Sinéad O’Dwyer at LFW

For London Fashion Week 2022, Twin commissioned photographer Natalie Lloyd to roam around the shows and document the brightest, boldest, best and most distinctive moments of the week.

Below are the highlights from Sinéad O’Dwyer‘s presentation Spring-Summer 2023…

BTS exclusive: Twin presents TOGA at LFW

For London Fashion Week 2022, Twin commissioned photographer Natalie Lloyd to roam around the shows and document the brightest, boldest, best and most distinctive moments of the week…

Below are the highlights from TOGA‘s presentation Spring-Summer 2023

TWIN PICKS: Terratypes

Born out of the earth photos series documenting Dartmoor and the Scottish Highlands, Terratypes is Tanoa Sasraku’s latest solo exhibition presented by Spike Island. 

Sheets of blank newsprint, hand-rubbed with foraged natural pigments, take on geological and geographical information in ochre, graphite and manganese. These Terratypes – inspired by the material structure of the Fante Asafo flags of coastal Ghana and geometric forms found in Tartan cloth, circuitry and pinnacles of rock – form the bulk of Sasraku’s work. These are then stacked, cut and stitched to form geometric compositions andthe paper is steeped in water then torn to reveal layers that expose and encrypt details about the materiality of the land. 

Paper, photographs, and bronzes build upon the artist’s ongoing research into hostile wildlands and themes of energy, mythology and memories stored within the British landscape. Torn pieces from the Terratypes are flattened, scanned and enlarged into Liths: monolithic structures that bring to mind Stonehenge and other standing stone formations. Giving and withholding, unknowing and mysterious, these structures seem as doorways to an alternate landscape. 

A series of cast bronzes complete the exhibition. Intense concentrations of pigment are held in their centres to reflect the energy flows of the land. Emotional memory runs through each of the works, dwelling on our understanding and connection to the rural environment. 

Tanoa Sasraku is a British artist whose practice shifts between sculpture, drawing and filmmaking. She graduated from Goldsmiths College in 2018 and is currently studying at the Royal Academy Schools. 

Terratypes is on display from Saturday 28 May to Sunday 17 July 2022 at Spike Island.

TWIN PICKS: Solidarity Prints

The impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February has reverberated across all areas of life, the art world included. Recognizing the risks and dangers Ukrainian artists now face, a group of international artists have come together to raise funds and support their peers through the sale of their works. 

Organised by Adam Broomberg, the initiative sees a group of contemporary artists donating an artwork each as an open edition print. Priced at €200, the profit from the sale will go towards emergency support for their peers caught up in the spiralling crisis. 

Originally launched in March 2022, another 60 artists have joined for the launch of the second round. In order to address the “hierarchy of empathy that this war has exposed” this round of proceeds will go specifically to BIPoC artists and their families. The non-profit organisations @eachoneteachone_official in collaboration with @savvycontemporary will help facilitate emergency travel, shelter, financial and longer-term support. At this point in the crisis, thousands have died, millions have fled, and uncertainty remains. 

Featured contemporary artists include Hito Steyerl, Pierre Huyghe, Nan Goldin, Isaac Julien, Thomas Struth, Tacita Dean, Rosemarie Trockel, Luc Tuymans, Elizabeth Peyton, Thomas Demand, Matthew Barney, Jeremy Deller, Laure Prouvost, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Lisa Brice, Julian Schnabel, Camille Henrot, Subodh Gupta, Sam Durant, Fiona Banner, Anne Imhof, Cyprien Gaillard, and Thomas Hirschhorn.

Since 2013 the non-profit organisation Artists at Risk has launched 26 residences for  persecuted artists around the world. Operating at the intersection of human rights and the arts, Artists at Risk is at the forefront of the refugee crisis as it affects artists and cultural workers. All artwork purchases will directly benefit artists fleeing war and persecution.


Typical art biennials take place in large urban centres. Considering forms of personhood in wildlife and landscapes, the Biennale Gherdëina is an exception to the rule, located in the unique setting of the Unesco World Heritage Centre of the Dolomites. Opening on 20 May 2022, BIENNALE GHERDËINA ∞ PERSONES PERSONS is a series of installations, performances, sculptures, sound pieces, textile works, walks and interactive experiences, all across and in response to the landscape. 

In its eight edition, the Biennale asks how artistic expressions contribute to the recognition of Earth’s rights and themes of migration, seasonal displacement and transhumance in the region and resonating landscapes. 

Doris Ghetta, founder and Director of Biennale Gherdëina explains, “we are living in what has been described as “the era of living creatures”….this means that, if we are to plan a sustainable society, we can no longer incline towards an anthropocentric worldview but need to centre our way of seeing reality around all living things: from air to plants, water, snow, animals and, of course, human beings”

The Biennale is curated by Lucia Pietroiusti, who works at the intersection of art, ecology and systems typically outside of the gallery format, and Filipa Ramos, Strategic Advisor for Ecology at Serpentine, London, and co-founder of the climate-justice focused non-profit, Radical Ecology. 

BIENNALE GHERDËINA ∞ PERSONES PERSONS features artists Etel Adnan, Chiara Camoni, Alex Cecchetti, Gabriel Chaile, Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen, Jimmie Durham, Simone Fattal, Barbara Gamper, Kyriaki Goni, Judith Hopf, Ignota, Karrabing Film Collective, Lina Lapelyte, Britta Marakatt-Labba, Eduardo Navarro, Elizabeth A. Povinelli, Angelo Plessas, Tabita Rezaire, Sergio Rojas, Giles Round, Thaddäus Salcher, Martina Steckholzer, Hylozoic/Desires (Himali Singh Soin and David Soin Tappeser), Ana Vaz and Nuno da Luz, and Bruno Walpoth.

TWIN PICKS: The Martine Rose SS23 Digital Experience

A fly-on-the-wall peep into Martine Rose’s latest runway show, the SS23 digital experience continues the legacy of “What We Do All Day”. Conceived and created in collaboration with International Magic, the website extends the aesthetics of the new collection and runway show into the digital realm. The footage is a CCTV-inspired 12-CAM viewing experience captured on cameras hidden inside the physical show held inside a railway arch in Vauxhall, South London. 

Referencing nightclubs, after-hours bars, and dark rooms, the footage gives viewers a taste of virtual voyeurism. As for the clothes, Martine Rose once again plays with proportions offering shrunken silhouettes inspired by “the feeling of wedging yourself into something a bit too small.” This is paired with explorations of larger volumes, playing around with the drape of a coat on a peg, and tension explored through tailoring, referencing “awkward Friday-night-office-drink-doorway-gropes”.

“Martine Rose is always interested in the relation between fashion and our ordinary realities, and this season we began with the everyday, unthinking tussles we have dressing and undressing; Fighting to get into your own clothes, or trying to get into someone else’s. Theclothing accidents involved in urgent sexual encounters or hurried dressing afterwards. Investigating how garments are pulled against the body and their resulting shape or attitude” notes the SS23 collection press release.

A real-time experience, the footage can be found looping perpetually at

Twin picks: Process

Creativity emerges from countless perspectives. That is the central message of Process, a temporary installation at Alexander McQueen’s Mayfair store. Helming the British label since McQueen’s death in 2010, creative director Sarah Burton invited twelve artists to respond to the Pre Autumn / Winter 2022 womenswear collection. Each artist was selected for their unique approach to art and offered complete creative freedom. The result? A rich dialogue between the work and the chosen designs that takes the creative process as its focus. 

Chilean sculptor Marcela Correa responded to the McQueen polyfaille party dress with hand-crafted miniatures on papier-mache dolls with faces collaged from fashion magazines. Jennie Jieun Lee took inspiration from a red leather dress to develop a ceramic sculpture with a reflective palladium glaze. Interpreting three looks, Ann Cathrin November Høibo created a three-dimensional weave in tea rose satin and grain de powder, apricot polyfaille, ivory tulle, wool, cotton and rayon.

Other artists who contributed include Guinevere Van Seenus, a model and photographer who has walked in McQueen catwalk shows since 1996, Beverly Semmes, Bingyi, Cristina de Middel, Guinever van Seenus, Hope Gangloff, Marcia Kure, Jackie Nickerson, Judas Companion, and Marcia Michael. 

“I wanted to engage in a new creative dialogue with the collection this season and see how the artists interpreted the work that we created in the studio. It’s been very interesting to see how creativity has sprung from so many different perspectives, and the outcomes that have been varied and beautiful,” Burton stated in Alexander McQueen’s press notes.

To celebrate the launch of the collection a 160 page zine detailing each artist’s personal story and engagement with the designs will be available in stores worldwide. Process is available to view at the Alexander McQueen Old Bond Street store until 21 June.

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