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Nottingham singer-songwriter Indiana has one of those honest voices. A simple and pure voice that refreshingly undermines the generic pop auto tuned screaming that seems to be the norm. Young but sure of herself, Indiana’s recent single Blind As I Am was listed in the BBC Introducing Picks Of 2013 and she is now set to play her first London Show on March 14th. Intrigued by her talent (and tear jerking rendition of Frank Ocean’s Swim Good), Twin spoke to Indiana as she reveals the story behind her journey into music, her creative influences and goals to take over the world.

Was there a key moment that inspired you to pursue music?

It was kind of accidental. My sister has always been in to music – she also sings, writes and plays the piano. She was moving house and couldn’t fit her piano in her new place so I offered to store it in my dinning room. I just kept having a play about on it every time I walked past and so I taught myself to play and began writing my own songs. They were terrible… I think I’ve made some progression…hopefully!

You voice has a beautiful vulnerability to it – is vulnerability key to your music?

I think connection is key, if I feel vulnerable it comes across. If I feel menacing I believe you can hear that too. Depends what I’ve written about.

What are your views on being a musician at present? Do you reckon it’s harder or easier to make it as a musician now?

I have nothing to compare it to – I’m new to the game in a lot of ways. I’m just happy I’ve found a passion that I’m relatively good at and I’m able to call it a career.

Your cover of Frank Ocean’s Swim Good is haunting and delicate – what drove you to cover that song specifically?

I thought the song was cool, it was John’s idea (my co-writer) but it wasn’t until I’d learnt the lyrics that I felt a huge and haunting connection with the song….i’m actually crying towards the end of it.
Are you a fan of Frank Ocean?

Massive fan. He brings something new to music, which is something I aspire to do. I love experimenting with production. He takes chances and pulls them off, I hope I can do the same.

Who are your top 5 influences?

Gary Numan
The XX
Alt J
James Blake (Retrograde makes me feel like everything I’ve ever written is crap)

Have you encountered any obstacles in your musical journey – from the industry or otherwise?

Radio play. It annoys me how much rubbish gets on to the Radio 1 playlist. There are so many credible artists and such a vast amount of amazing music that can only be heard in the early hours of the morning, yet we have to endure Pitbull when the sun’s up! 

What are your ambitions – in your music and life?

I’ve always dreamt of a stadium of people singing the lyrics of one of my songs back to me. 

What would you say is you life philosophy? 

When writing an album think “all killer no filler!”

Interview by Monique Todd.

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