Decline and Fall

27.03.2014 | Art | BY:

Francesca Gavin, Twin“s Art Editor, has curated an online-online exhibition available on as well as the Artsy iPhone app. Decline and Fall, which is available available now, features work from artists Amy Bessone, Ben Sansbury and Sara VanDerBeek to name a few. The title is taken from Evelyn Waugh’s novel and refers to Edward Gibbon’s famous tome about the decay of the Roman Empire, which aims to to show how these references (like modern vanitas paintings) can also be seen to reflect the cultural, moral, and social upheaval of contemporary life.

“This exhibition aims to look at how The initial deal result in the development of The The almighty from the Rings: The Fellowship from the Ring online slot and was because of permit more to make later on. the bones, ruins, and remnants of history, in particular classicism and modernism, are being rethought—how artists are digging amongst the past for new aesthetics; pushing the future by reinventing the past,” states Gavin. It”s fitting then, that the exhibition is being displayed online. Art can be seen as one of the oldest forms of creativity and an exhibition that looks at both the past and the present is taking it into the future with this new way of delivering it.

Decline and Fall is available until April 16th.

Image: The Circular Crest Of A Submerged Crater, 2006 by Salvatore Arancio. Photo-etching on paper

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