After Midnight

24.04.2014 | Art | BY:

Photgrapher Coco Young’s first solo exhibition explores the interactions between memory and photographic images. The title itself, After Midnight refers to those early hours of the night, when we either happen to be a sleep or perhaps a little intoxicated and so the show looks to see whether reality can be affected by the last images we saw or those visuals stored in our minds during these liminal states. To find out more about Coco Young look out for the upcoming issue, Twin X, where we speak with the photographer in her creative base in New York’s East Village

Elizabeth Gilpin, Tatiana de Pahlen & Carolina Cavalli will be launching their book YOUth, at the exhibition at the Half Gallery in New York. Bringing together images derived from the blogosphere, the publication creates a dialogue between photographers, visual artists, creative writers and authors (such as Coco Young, Coni Dietrich, Tatjana Radicevic, Colin Michael Simmons, Sophie Van Der Perre, Logan White, Ryan Young) who share their youth in the present-age.

After Midnight opens at the Half Gallery, New York on May 2nd. The YOUth book launch will be at the gallery from 6-9pm the same day.


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