Feminism Friday: Spare Rib magazine’s digital archives available from The British Library

29.05.2015 | Literature | BY:

Iconic feminist magazine Spare Rib’s digitised archives were launched online by the British Library yesterday, providing selected highlights from the magazine, examining how it was run, why it was started and the issues it dealt with. Running from 1972-93, it challenged the stereotyping and exploitation of women, while supporting solutions to the problems they faced.

The archives are a testament to how much has changed in terms of individual rights – a quick read of the news pages provides examples such a woman being fired for wearing a lesbian movement badge – and a reminder of all we have won. Yet it is also a reminder of how much further there is to go.

Spare Rib is enjoyably full of self-parody, lightheartedness and warmth, a surprising product of that era – and your perfect weekend read.


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