karl lagerfeld 80’s birthday

10.09.2013 | Blog , Fashion | BY:

In a shirt, buttoned all the way up, blazer, tight black pants, boots and gloves, the german fashion designer and modern master of couture looks impeccable. Who could have guessed he turns 80 years old today?

He is a fascinating, focused, intelligent and hard working man, designer at Chanel, Fendi and at his own eponymous fashion house, Karl is designing fabulous and timeless clothes, just like himself.

Next week, September 17, a book about the legend will be released. The world according to Karl, written by Patrick Mauries, is about a cornucopia of his Karlisms: cultivated, unpredictable, provocative, sometimes shocking, but always impossible to ignore. Here, in his own deadpan words, are his exacting opinions on everything-from fashion, style, women, and Chanel to fame, life, and books. This is the ultimate repertoire of wit and wisdom from fashion’s sharpest pin. “I only know how to play one role: me.” “Think pink. But don’t wear it.” “I like everything to be washable, myself included.” “Change is the healthiest way to survive.” “I don’t recommend myself as a guest.” “There is one thing I love on earth: to learn.”

We wish him a wonderful day and we look forward to many more extraordinary fashion shows and collections to come.

You can order your own copy of the book from amazon.com


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