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What fragrance to wear with vintage clothing? This is a question I often ponder. Should one team a delicious piece of vintage with an equally arcane perfume – a Shalimar or a Miss Dior or an Arpege – and thus create a sort of double whammy of historically resonant cloaking.  Or do you update a vintage outfit with a  resolutely contemporary perfume and allow it to provide an olfactive update/contrast to your outfit?  Well perhaps Dior have dreamed up the answer.  Collection Privee is a wonderful edit of eight wonderfully uncommercial new fragrances. These are perfumes with integrity: rich with history and imagination yet completely contemporary.  New Look 1947 is not only a  fantastic name and idea for a perfume – a scent inspired by that timeless nipped-in silhouette – it is, in my humble opinion a  great choice to team with that prized vintage dress.  The constituent notes are tuberose, rose, jasmine and vanilla.  It is a modern floral, not cloying and concentrated like the florals of yore.  Nor has it been corrupted into one of those horrible ubiquitous cynically commercial fruity florals. Or rendered cologne like by the addition of too much citrus. No, it is ladylike and powdery and ideal if you want to feel feminine and precise without feeling blousy or saccharine.

Words by Bethan Cole

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Tan Lines

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It’s that time of year again when the majority of people think about tanning. However, I am not in that majority. I can count the number of times I have tanned in my life on one hand and I am fast approaching forty. Therefore, for a great number of years I have remained proudly milky pale. I think it’s an alternative/indie thing, in my teens, the eighties, red lipstick and pale skin were the apogee of underground style, as epitomised by Vivienne Westwood muse Sara Stockbridge and the androgyne model Jenny Howarth. Nowadays its indie queens like Gwen Stefani, Beth Ditto and Dita Von Teese who embody the pale look. And it’s these gals I’d want to be in a gang with, not orange hued WAGs or Katie Price. However this year I have to admit, for the first time in a lifetime I’m strangely drawn to the idea of tanning. Obviously it would be a very subtle golden tan, not the creosote hue once favoured by Victoria Beckham. But some kind of gentle olive tint, a Mediterranean sun kissed teint, might just be nice come summer sun. I have yet to explore the range of products on offer, but I’m thinking the St Tropez No Tan Tan might be the one for me. Or at least a touch of Johnsons Holiday Skin on my rather chalky legs. I’m not sure if this is a flirtation or a genuine commitment to the idea of a tan. After all my whole identity is bound up with being pale. Whatever, I will keep you posted.

Words by Bethan Cole

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Dare to dream

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Even though I’m not engaged (and please God do not let my boyfriend read this) I have already found my wedding dress – which is a big deal, considering my never-ending, maddening (for both my banker and my boyfriend) addiction to dresses.

When I discovered the ‘Sunday Brunch Dress’ site on one of my numerous trawls for fashion on the Internet, I thought I had found heaven. Beautifully twee, funny (the dress descriptions and blog are hilarious) and personal (sizes are based on the owner’s own ‘real’ body), the site urges us to ‘take time to slow down & dress up’.

With beautiful handpicked dresses by Heidi Merrick, Lorick and Keemia, among others, and showcases of work by owner Judy Kou’s favorite female artists – ‘Sunday Brunch Dress’ is truly a Twin kindred spirit.

When I emailed Judy about my dream wedding dress (no, I will not tell you which one it is, my boyfriend might be reading this), I got the sweetest, swiftest reply which finally sealed the deal, and made me fall in love with ‘Sunday Brunch Dress’ for real – quite an achievement for an online shop.

top picture: the incredible Aunt Judy dress


Eveline Taunadjaja‘s Ugly Duckling


The Kloset Must Be Mustard dress now on sale | Sunday Brunch Dress’ owner, Judy Kou

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