Eckhaus Latta Are Happy Campers

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Eckhaus Latta, the experimental label helmed by Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta; has positioned itself at the vanguard of New York’s new wave and is hailed for injecting the city with a much needed shot of artistic flair.

Season by season they take NYFW by storm and enjoy a band of inspired and devoted followers, some of which have even started their own brands, such as August Vestbo of Bror August or Esther Gauntlett and Jenny Cheng of Gauntlett Cheng.

Eckhaus Latta’s offbeat designs and witty eclecticism has caught the eye of Spanish footwear brand, Camper, who recently invited the duo to collaborate on their project ‘Camper Together’. The result is an exclusive selection of block-heeled sock boots in delectable pastel shades.

The collaboration is a marvellous meeting of minds. Eckhaus Latta’s fascination with knitwear is merged with Camper’s shoemaking expertise, the outcome is captured in a short film set in Camper’s native Mallorca and features Eckhaus Latta muses, Hari Nef and Martine Gutieriez.


The film beautifully blends fashion and performance art, with the two models acting out trance-like sequences in which they attempt to drink out of glasses with the boots on their hands or crush oranges wearing them on their feet.

Speaking about the collaboration, Eckhaus Latta said, “we became very inspired by Camper’s late 90s Walk Don’t Run campaign, which captures Mallorcan and Spanish landscapes with normal people, occasionally in the shoes,” says Latta. “We felt inspired to use that as a jumping off point but our way, with our clothes and our people.” 


Shop the collection online here.

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Juergen Teller to curate Mapplethorpe retrospective

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In honour of what would have been Robert Mapplethorpe‘s 70th birthday, Juergen Teller will be curating a retrospective of the iconoclast’s vast and provocative body of work – ‘Teller On Mapplethorpe’ – at London’s Alison Jacques Gallery.

No photographer since Robert Mapplethorpe has so seamlessly blurred the lines between commercial fashion photography and art as Juergen Teller, and both artists are famed for twisting and manipulating conventional understandings of photography as an art form. The gallery is said to have granted Teller free access to Mapplethorpe’s entire archive of both published and unpublished work, circumstances that facilitate a deep and rich reading of the rebel artist’s work. Without a doubt, to view Mapplethorpe’s photographic oeuvre through Juergen Teller’s visionary lens promises to be a unique and rarefied experience.


Milton Moore, 1981

Mapplethorpe sought an unrealistic perfection of form in everything he photographed, from acts of sexual fetishism to the delicate shapes and contours of flowers. His classical and formalist approach to scandalous and highly explicit subject matter elevated photography to the level of painting and broke down the barriers between pornography and art.

Alison Jacques, who has represented the Estate of Robert Mapplethorpe in Britain for seventeen years, said: “Provocative and subversive, making images which are the antithesis of conventional fashion photography and, most importantly, a key artist of his time, Juergen Teller was the only choice to curate this special exhibition of Robert’s work. There are obvious parallels between these artists and I am excited to see how Juergen will bring his edge, energy and unique vision to a new reading of Robert’s work.”

Jennifer Jakobson

Jennifer Jakobson, 1981

This will be the gallery’s first exhibition of Mapplethorpe’s works since the dual retrospective ‘Robert Mapplethorpe: The Perfect Medium’ at The J. Paul Getty Museum and Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Los Angeles (2016), and follows on from the recent release of the HBO documentary film Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures (2016).

‘Teller On Mapplethorpe’ will be held at the Alison Jacques Gallery from 18th November – 7th January.

Main image: Ken Moody, 1985

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