Performer as Curator

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Alison Goldfrapp will be the first person to display works in The Lowry’s Performer as Curator exhibition series opening on the 19th October 2013. The enigmatic musician will bring together work from the painters, filmmakers, illustrators and photographers who have inspired her own artistic vision in this series that aims to bridge the gap between the performing and visual arts.

The diverse selection of works will engage with the artist’s fascination with the darker side of fairy tales and folklore, through the artworks of internationally renowned artists such as Marcel Dzama, John Stezaker, Leonora Carrington, Jan Pienkowski and Lotte Reiniger. Goldfrapp, who was hand-picked by the gallery to be the first performer in this series, not only acts as front-woman in her band but art-directs all things visual also. Michael Simpson, Head of Visual Art and Engagement at the Lowry said, “Alison Goldfrapp was a natural first choice for us, given her remarkable synthesis of music and visual imagery. This is an exciting new venture for us and there are more collaborations in the pipeline”.

Goldfrapp released their latest studio album Tales Of Us on Monday 9th September.

Text by Mariella Agapiou

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There’s a love hate thing when it comes to logos. While there’s undeniably something intoxicating about the prestige of owning a little bit of a label, from the Prada triangle to the LV monogram – or more recently we’ve been lusting after Kenzo’s bold tiger T-shirts – it’s an uneasy relationship that threatens to encroach on our feelings of individuality. How do you settle a love of luxe with a sense of rebellion within a mass media, mass market world? It’s something Phoebe Philo acknowledged so well when she took over the helm of Celine – delivering iconic items without the overt iconography. Stealth wealth became ubiquitous.

So, step in Selfridges who are reintroducing their Silence Room – an idea first dreamed up in 1909 by Harry Gordon Selfridge. as well as creating in-store oases for customers, a number of recognisable brands will be removing their logos in an exclusive collection of de-branded products. The unmistakeable Selfridges’ shopping bag, will even be going naked – albeit without losing their canary yellow hue. Enjoy the silence.

No Noise will roll-out to Selfridges’ stores starting January 11th.

East meets West

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With a little help from Cara Delevingne, the humble scrunchie is the season’s come-back kid. Modelling the Nineties must-have for Laura Best’s fabulous label My Crazy Scrunchie, she’s in good company with fellow sharp shooters Clara Paget and Suki Waterhouse.

If you aren’t big into the Frontierswoman look, we recommend some good old London street attire – team with high waisted jeans and boots with a mussed up top-knot, for that perfect Salt ‘n Pepper moment. Expected in a stocking near you…


Las Bandidas from MCS on Vimeo.

Behind the lens

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Danielle Levitt is prolifically brilliant. Not content with shooting the fabulously famous and talented every day, she’s also our go-to-lady for small town teens who wear their youth with a fresh attitude, whereever, whenever. For Twin VI she illuminated the larger than life world of Queen’s ghetto goth scene, a subculture that bludgeons it’s viewer with the spice and vitality of life.

But what of the lady behind the lens? Levitt’s friend Michael Sharkey has made a short doc that reveals the sassy force of personality that makes the photos what they are. Take a look…

House of Gems

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She’s brought her inimitable collage style to brands from Kenzo to Chanel and created original stills for Twin, now the luminous Ms Quentin Jones has collaborated with Waris Ahluwalia, the statuesque star of Wes Anderson films and the society scene.  Her films for the jeweller, actor and all round exotic’s collection House of Waris light up the screen and cast him as the jeweller conjuror extraordinaire he truly appears to be. Watch the second installement below, with a third to complete the series due to appear soon…

House of Waris is available at


House of Waris, part II from quentinjones on Vimeo.

Equality Now

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Saved from the choppers this year, the almost closure of the Women’s Library forces a moment of reflection on women’s rights then and now.

From having a £4.2m lottery funded building gifted to them ten years ago, how is it that this year the Library opened in 1926 by Millicent Fawcett and home to Europe’s most extensive archive of women’s rights material could be so on its uppers?

The culture of chops have left many institutions that prioritise culture and thought over profit scrabbling for survival, but the change in fortune of the women’s library could also be viewed through the increasingly antediluvian attitudes to women’s rights creeping back to the fore. Whether it’s the ongoing debates on abortion, or the uniquely strange views of Republicans on the nature of rape, the threatened side lining of the Women’s Library seemed a further example of the changing tide in issues affecting women.

For now the Women’s Library has been guaranteed continued funding from LSE. While opening times seem forever sporadic, for those who can, check out their current exhibition The Long March to Equality for some apt reflection.

The Long March to Equality: Treasures of the Women’s Library is on until 22 February. For more info visit here.

Top Wonder

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Ok, we know Twin’s been posting thick and fast about, hem hem, Christmas, but this we just had to share too.

Topshop’s gift to fashion lovers everywhere this year is Kate Bosworth channelling Michelle Pfeiffer in the Fabulous Baker Boys, resplendent in sparkle on top of a grand piano. Directed by her fiancé Michael Polish, Kate’s a very modern chanteuse and the very coolest kind of Christmas decoration. Enjoy…

Dear Diary

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Each year since 2008 Swedish photographer Lina Scheynius has published a book of her photographs culled from her personal world. Pocket sized and lightly bound, they are designed to be carried around, a daily inspiration.

Her fourth book is out now and with half already gone, Twin recommends getting in there quick if you want to purchase a bit of beauty straight up and out of Lina’s life.

Lina’s book is available here.


Hail and Hearty

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According to the auspices, today is the biggest shopping day of the year. For most though joining the crush on Oxford Street is anathema. So all hail Meadham Kirchoff, who are offering a two-fold solution.

Twin’s fave design duo have brought some of that MK party style prints to the humble black cab. The designers are part of  online boutique destination’s Unwrap Christmas campaign. So whether you beat the crowds by styaing home and shopping online, or cruising the streets in a taxi, the choice is all yours.




Bruce Almighty

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You don’t need technicolour to have Christmas dazzle. Bruce Weber, the master of the tonal portrait has brought his perrenially fresh touch to Selfridge’s Christmas campaign that answers the question, what would you do if you were locked in a department store overnight? Clearly we’d be riding around on our own pony drawn carriage with the odd hunk thrown in for good measure – anything’s possible with a little festive spirit!

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BOOM! Those guys at Opening Ceremony have dropped another collaboration on us and it can’t get more iconic than living legend Yoko Ono producing a menswear collection inspired by John Lennon’s ‘hot bod’ can it? The answer is no, obviously! Yoko recently revealed to Vogue that she always travels with a room full of clothes and the lady clearly knows her fabrics.

The collection, Fashions for Men: 1969-2012, is based on a compilation of hand-drawn illustrations presented to John Lennon by Yoko on the occasion of their wedding. Forty-three years later, OC and Yoko have worked together to bring a select group of these drawings to life, creating unisex apparel, footwear, and accessories in exclusive editions of only 52 pieces, as well as a limited run of sweatshirts, and posters featuring ONO’s artwork.

Due to land in the US on November 27th and then in London in early December, Yoko will be at OC’s Howard Street store on the 27th. Conceptual art has never been so bang on trend.




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Chicago Views

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Riflemaker gallery sets the pace for other galleries when it comes to exhibiting the work of female artists such as Alice Anderson and Penny Slinger. It’s something the gallery manages to do in an unselfconscious – putting the work at the centre of the exhibition rather than the sentiment. So it seems fitting that the gallery should play host to the work and undoubtably large personality of Judy Chicago – her first UK show since 1985. The feminist activist whose work and opinions played a part in the second wave movement in the Sixties and Seventies is still a potent voice in promoting female orientated art work and here influence can be seen on the likes of Tracey Emin and beyond. Make sure you check out the exhibition for a broad view of her work then and now.

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J’Adore Dior

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Dior have graced the windows of  historic Paris department store Printemps Haussmann with lashings of tulle, swirls of snow, cascades of sequins and gold plus the odd unicorn for a festive look that we want to capture in a bauble and hang on our own trees – as soon as we can finally justify getting them. Inside, Dior’s pop-up store has Christmas covered Lady Dior style with specially made Dior dolls, snow globes and advent calendars. We’re officially smitten.

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15 Minute Frame

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From 2007 to 2012 photographer Itai Doron took a polaroid of each of his subjects that came through his studio door. The result is Fifteen Minutes With You, 69 intensely raw and intimate images that weigh heavy with the nostalgia that defunct polaroid photography has quickly engendered. Doron’s images at once recall a studio casting shot but ones that’s grungier, darker and more sexual. As each Eastern European migrant worker, boxer, builder and MMA fighter  prepares to pose for Doron they are in turn awaiting their own fleeting moment of fame.

Fifteen Minutes With You is available at The Photographers’ Gallery bookshop, Claire de Rouen Books and online at  

Gender Gap

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Since reopening, the Photographer’s Gallery has filled a photographic hole in our lives that only exhibitions such as the gloriously cat-brained For The LOL Of Cats could. Currently also exhibiting is Tom Wood’s Men and Women. A retrospective of the Irish born photographer’s long affiliation with Liverpool’s street life that feels less intrusive and more dreamy than Martin Parr’s similar famed forays into the North West. While the decision to bisect his work along gender lines feels somewhat arbitrary, presumably it is a concession to the natural emergence of a pattern of everyday life that sees women and men flocking with their own kind. What ever the reason, it’s given us another reason to fight the Oxford Street crowds.
Men and Women will be exhibited at The Photographer’s Gallery W1F 7LW until  January 6 2013




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Twin Playlist X Saint Lou Lou

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The mesmerising Saint Lou Lou sisters feature in Twin VII out now. We asked them to oblige us with their favourite tracks…

1/ Lover You Should’ve Come Over – Jeff Buckley
If the words melancholy, despair and yearning were a song this would be it.

2/ Song To The Siren – This Mortal Coil
A marvellous version of Tim Buckley’s song. We fell for it after hearing it in a beautiful and absurd love making scene in  Lynch’s Lost Highway.

3/ Running Up That Hill – Kate Bush
We’ve been captivated by this song’s power and movement since childhood. It feels like  a soundtrack to one of those adventurous but anxious dreams you had  when you were little.

4/ That’s Us/Wild Combination – Arthur Russell
Arthur Russell had an extraordinary voice, songs and character. Enough said really.

5/Calmino Del Sol (Todd Terje Remix) – Antena
Great tune to help us get us in the mood, makes us feel glamourous in everyday life. Todd Terje is an amazing producer.

6/ Bonny – Prefab Sprout
Hidden gem. One of those songs you hear and can’t get out of your head. Why isn’t this song considered more of a classic?

7/ More Than This – Roxy Music
Well…this is considered a classic. Rightfully! It makes you want to be in love.

8/ Winter Rose (Nicolas Jaar Remix) – The Bees
There’s something special that Nicolas Jaar does to music…this is a good example.

9/ Love With Fun – Riz Ortolani
Soundtrack to the horror movie Cannibal Holocaust. One of the most beautiful pieces of music we’ve heard.

10/ I Wear Your Ring – Cocteau Twins
This song is the climax of ethereal pop. The layers. The flow. The quirkiness. Just acing it.

Listen to St Lou Lou”s playlist


Twin Playlist X Lissy Trullie

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Just days after Hurricane Sandy and New Yorkers are bravely picking up the pieces following the long dark days that emptied the streets and threatened the very fabric of the city. Who better for Twin”s next playlist than Lissy Trullie, a girl who is New York style through and through. We asked the musician for share some of her favourite tracks…

1/ Koudlam by Sunny Day
This is my wake up song to greet a new day. Although Koudlam was born on the Ivory Coast, and I, on the East Coast, and he is male and I am female, and he speaks French and I speak French badly, I’d like to think we are related. He happens to be a fellow art historian/musician which could be proof of our blood relation… Anyways, this song slays me.

2/ Before My Voice Fails by Gang Gang Dance
Many people tell me that my music sounds very  “New York”, but in my opinion this song and this band encompass the infinitely evolving and mutating pockets of unorthodoxy constantly churning out new ideas that give New York its singularity. In my imagination the lyric “Before my voice fails…” means I have to produce and create as much as possible until my body literally give out.

3/ Everything by Micachu & the Shapes
I chose this track by Micachu & the Shapes because I’m absolutely obsessed with EVERYTHING this band does. My introduction to Micachu was through the album Jewellery, which warped my head into shapes unknown. This song is off of their following album Chopped & Screwed, again the music astonished and amazed me. Their new album, Never, will be out at the end of July. I expect to be headless for the rest of my life as they will most definitely continue to blow my mind.

4/ Sulk by Trust
I saw Trust play live without knowing anything about their music and it was so intoxicating I went to see them two more times within one week. When making this playlist I knew I wanted to include their music but having to pick just one track has been an agonizing process. I feel like I’m betraying the rest of the album… But a playlist is a game of favorites, so I had no choice. But please, listen to the entire album, Candy Walls.

5/ The Clarke Sisters by The Go-Betweens
I am still searching for the Clarke sisters. I have so much I want to share with them. I have so much I need to ask them. But I bet if I ever do find these sisters they would probably just ignore me.

6/ Vienna by Ultravox
I’m a sucker for a good ballad but this goes above and beyond. Minimoog, Yamaha SS30, and a Roland CR-78 drum machine. Nuff said.

7/ Believer by John Maus
If you search songs on iTunes using the word “believer” over 100 pages show up, 12 songs to a page, but out of all that mutter John Maus is the voice of my preacher. I love this track, it’s the water that washes away my grit and grime. (Btw, I honestly don’t know exactly how many pages of believer songs there are, it seemed endless. I stopped scrolling at 102 out of boredom.)

8/ Magic Dance by David Bowie
“Slime and snails, or puppy dog tails, thunder or lightning, something frightening…” David Bowie singing with bunch of wily muppets? Epic bass synth, gnarly tricked out guitar solo, and a dash of Bauhaus? (…Perhaps Bowie was inspired by his prior  outstanding cinematic masterpiece, The Hunger.) Whats not to love?!

9/ After Laughter (Comes Tears) by Wendy Rene
I wish I could have grown up to be just like Wendy Rene. After Laughter should be a mandatory part of adolescent life everywhere. Rene co-wrote this song with Johnnie Frierson when she was in her early teens. Her voice is a true validation of pain, and not just adolescent pain, but pain of all ages.

Listen to Lissy”s playlist

And listen to Lissy here.


All Hallows’ Eve

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If you didn’t have one already, October 31st is a singular excuse for embracing your dark side; whether you’ve kohled your eyes up to the nines or simply put on your favourite moody stare. And no other label has the haute goth look all tied up more than Alexander McQueen.

Tonight the Dover Street McQ store is opening its doors to all spirits to enter and celebrate Halloween McQ style. For those who preregister before the event, there’s a treat of 20 per cent discount. Not a bad trick eh?

McQ Dover Street flagship store 5pm – 8pm. Sign up  here.


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Twin Playlist X Haim

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  Twin asked the three lovely Haim sisters whose lo-fi LA sounds we dig for their must have Friday tracks…

   1/ Young Americans by David Bowie
Hearing this song is the best to wake up in the morning. It”s our alarm clock.

   2/ Straight to Hell by The Clash
One of our favorite clash songs. Their production on this song is a huge inspiration.

    3/ Brand New Key by Melanie
The tongue in cheek lyrics in this song always make us smile. It”s fun to put on when we’re getting ready to go out.

    4/ Don’t do me like that By Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Our favourite era of Petty. Every time this song comes on on the radio, we can’t help but air-drum to it.

    5/ Eine Symphonie Des Grauens by The Monochrome Set
My favorite songs from one of our favourite bands. Love the way he delivers his lyrics.

    6/ Changes by 2Pac
The use of the sample by Bruce Hornsby is epic. Love the original, but this song trumps it ten fold.

    7/ The Next Episode by Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg
This song reminds us of how much we love Los Angeles.

    8/  Ruin by Cat Power
Been a fan of Cat Power’s for a long time, and have been excitedly waiting for her new songs to come out. This one is our favourite so far.

    9/ Warm Heart of Africa By The Very Best ft. Ezra Koenig
We just played a show with The Very Best and had the best time dancing with them on stage. This is one of our favourite songs of theirs.

Listen to Haim”s playlist


Mother Love

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Who are you? Without getting too metaphysical, chances are that the things that define you are your interests, your career, being creative and your relationship with your loved ones. The challenge for generations of women who have children is to assert their identity over the act of being a mother.

While undeniably motherhood grows into the spaces of your time that you previously thought were wholly filled, there”s a tension between being a mum and being an individual. Photographers Jenny Lewis and Tara Darby have sought to show just that in their exhibition More than just a Mum – a collection of portraits of 22 creative mums in London.

Spawned from Jenny Scott”s parenting collective Mothers Meeting, it”s a celebration of modern motherhood embodied by the slot machines likes of make up artist Alex Box, set designer Anna Burns, photographer Clare Shilland and stylist Thais Mendes. Tara says: “It is easy for mothers to lose their sense of self and we wanted to celebrate these women and modern motherhood.”

More than Just a Mum is at Exposure Gallery until Nov 6th.









Top Image: Anna

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