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Tim Barber, a previous Twin contributor, opened his latest exhibition over the weekend. Relations, which showcases Barber’s most recent work, is a continuation of his photographic journey displayed at Capricious 88. The show draws from everyday experiences, pulling together rather mundane subject matter but delving deeper to find more complex narratives within. The title of the exhibition relates to the tension felt between the countless relationships in the images as well as the relationships the photographs have with each other.

Relations is open at Capricious 88, 88 Eldridge Street, New York until 23rd June 2014.


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Light Fantastic

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As Vice’s former picture editor, curator of online gallery Tiny Vices and snapper for untold fashion magazines, Tim Barber is a prolific image-maker. His new book Untitled Photographs, is a selection of his images taken over the last 15 years and tonight sees the London launch of an exhibition of the images where Barber will also be signing copies.

Held together by no specific theme, his images are poetic plays on light and space. Taking images of everyday experiences, there’s an anonymity to his photographs that hints at stories the viewer can only imagine. Whether it’s a girl teetering over the precipice of New York or an alien smoke puff hanging above a kitchen sink, Barber’s camera intimately and lovingly records moments in life.

Tim Barber: Untitled Photographs exhibition and book signing is tonight at 7pm at Mother, Biscuit Building, 10 Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DD


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