The Girl’s Alright

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Art director and publisher Hannah Ridley and fashion photographer Stephanie Sian Smith met and became friends at art school. Both have since gone on to have careers in the fashion industry, working together on glossy mags such as Elle. So Hannah, the mastermind behind gorgeous publishers Ida Rhoda, was the natural curator for an exhibition of Stephanie’s images entitled I’ve Done Alright For A Girl.

She says; ‘I’ve always loved Stephanie’s own work – before a shoot she’ll ask the model to spin around in the studio or run around on the beach or jump up and down on a trampette – the girls are often going somewhere, which is where the title of the exhibition came from.

“I was working my way through the images Steph gave me and I had the Melanie Anne Safka song in my head – ‘Don’t Go Too Fast, But I Go Pretty Far’.”

As well as informing Hannah’s curatorial decisions, the song lyrics also run through the free newspaper of images that Hannah and Stephanie will be giving away at the exhibition. Not bad at all indeed.

I’ve Done Alright For A Girl is Upstairs at The English Restaurant, Spitalfields, for one week only from today.


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