Sarah Sze, Gagosian Roma 2018

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Italian contemporary art gallery Gagosian in collaboration with American artist Sarah Sze presents her first gallery exhibition following the artist’s participation in the Biennale di Venezia in 2015. The exhibition which is being hosted at the Gagosian headquarters in Rome, features a collection of Sze’s works which unites intricate networks of objects and images across several dimensions and mediums, from sculptings to paintings, drawings, printmakings and video installations. Sze’s Timekeeper series, a video installation which began in 2015, transforms the oval gallery of the Gagosian into an immersive environment that is part sculpture and part cinema. The exhibition acts as a form of Plato’s Cave, which confronts the viewer from simultaneous points of view and includes people, animals, scenes and abstractions in motion, flickering and orbiting randomly. In the paintings, her nuanced sculptural language adapts to the conditions of the flat support. In delicate yet bold layers of paint, ink, paper, prints, and objects, the three dimensions of bricolage are parsed into the two dimensions of collage. Here, colour draws its substantive energies as much from the innate content of found images from paint and ink. The artist is set to add her first outdoor stone sculpture to the exhibition in November, which will feature a natural boulder split open like a geode. Each of the two revealed cuts will have a sunset sky embedded in its surface, alluding to both the images perceptible in gongshi and the heavenly subjects of renaissance paintings. The exhibition will end it’s course on January 12, 2019.

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The Starman

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Richard Avedon was as luminous as the stars he photographed. A titan of Twentieth Century art, he gave the world lasting images of its icons. Starting with his first sitter, the Russian pianist-composer Sergey Rachmaninov, who then lived in the same New York apartment building as his grandparents, he went on to create the definitive portraits of a whole constellation of celebrities, including Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn.

It’s no surprise that his legacy includes photographs of many literary greatest too, and a new exhibition at the Gagosian Gallery in Paris spotlights his portraits of Truman Capote, Jorge Luis Borges, Henry Miller, Jean Genet, Ezra Pound and the poet Marianne Moore. But while their words were each uniquely their own, their image was all Avedon’s.

Avedon: Writers is at the Gagosian Gallery, Project Space, Paris until July 28.

Photograph courtesy of The Richard Avedon Foundation.

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