Etre Cecile’s Resort Campaign Is Tres Cool

09.12.2015 | Fashion | BY:

To mark the drop of their Resort collection this week, Etre Cecile have released a series of tongue-in-cheek 15 second mini films, playing on the label’s French (or lack thereof) heritage. Featuring a number of the brand’s key faces – from Tallulah Harlech to Laura Bailey and Pandora Skykes – as well as bright young things brought in through street casting, it is a playful way to celebrate yet more of their cool girl clothes hitting the shelves.

Founded by Yasmin Sewell, Jemma Dyas and Kyle Robinson, Etre Cecile has fast become a staple for women seeking a little je ne sais quois on a daily basis, thanks to their witty T-shirts, riotous prints and general fashion tomfoolery. And here, Yasmin tells Twin a little about this latest project:

“We wanted to bring together our diverse mix of Cecile girls in this film series, the french language theme thing is just our ongoing joke that well….we’re not really french at all! We street cast most of the girls mixed in with some well known faces who have been amazing ambassadors since Day One. We’ve never wanted to take ourselves too seriously as Etre Cecile was created so we could have easy fashion pieces you can feel unpretentious…but impactful in. Just like all our girls…” – Yasmin Sewell

Watch Tallulah Harlech flex her French skills in one of the videos below, and check out this link to see more. The best news of all? All of these pieces are out just in time for Christmas, and have gone straight to the top of our wish lists.


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03.12.2014 | Fashion | BY:

Etre Cecile’s latest collection for Resort 15 is inspired by the 1979 cult classic, The Warriors, but instead of two downtown New York gangs battling it out, this rivalry is a little more European. Calling upon Creative Director Paula Goldstein Di Principe and Director Lucy Needs, they created a short film in which le French girls and It-Brits fight it out on neutral turf, Jersey, swan lake style.

Each team is kitted out in their Etre Cecile best; fine knitwear, denim and statement slogans, of course. Each one representing a certain personality type found in our own friendship groups. There’s the rock chick, the blonde, the rebel and the prim and proper girl. #WhosInYourGang sets out to unite all us Cecile girls everywhere, ultimately creating one huge girl gang that holds the same ethos and attitude.

“Right now I feel like we’re in an era of sisterhood,” states Paula Goldstein Di Principe. “Girl gangs are about power and support, celebrating a connection to women all over the world.”


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