Lajevardi Foundation: Mimicry — Empathy

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Visual artist Susanne burner recently launched an exhibition at the Lajevardi Foundation at the Karim Khan, Tehran, Iran which explores the topic of the dissolution of self as a gesture of empathy. The exhibit, titled MIMICRY — EMPATHY,  opens visual and oral conversation on the visual adaptations of different life forms in humans and general biology to secure survival.  It touches on the topic of teenagers’ attempts of blending into a prevailing society in different ways to ultimately develop their own identities or soldiers who during wartime opt to make themselves invisible in camouflage gear for obvious reasons. These are forms of mimicry —  an evolved resemblance between an organism and  another object or organism. This process requires a level of empathy from one or both of the parties involved in order to achieve a complete form of similitude by blurring the boundaries between the imitator and model. The Mimicry — Empathy exhibition negotiates these emotionally uncontrollable aspects of adaption and challenges the contract of cultural identities. It showcases a panel of seven artists which includes names such as Bless, Ulla Von Brandenburg, Susanne Burner, Berta Fischer, Sofia Hultén, Annette Kelm and Jochen Lempert. It also includes a screening of films curated by Anne-Sophie Dinant and Amirali Ghasem. The exhibition will run until November 30 and is set to travel to the  Museum of Contemporary Art in Isfahan next year, for more information, check out

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Acne Studios is probably the most well-known brand under the ACNE umbrella, which was founded in 1996 as an international creative collective. Their latest project, Curater, is a digital exhibition system that showcases artworks from internationally renowned artists, in your own home.

Using high-definition, purpose-built, wireless and ultrathin LED-canvases, users can experience the artworks on their own wall, turning their living room into their own gallery. With a closed subscription based system, you’ll be invited to join (but can sign up on their website), however their is an initial distribution of a maximum of 500 users. 50 of which, will receive Curater screens at random when the launch takes place, sometime in the next 12 months.

So if you fancy your own personal art experience, sign up to be one of the first enthusiasts in the know.

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