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Lizzie Garrett Mettler’s blog Tomboy Style is a Mecca for lovers of brogues, fedoras, and blazers. With its mix of images from icons of mannish dressing such as Jane Birkin to modern day tomboys opening up their enviable wardrobes for us to see, Tomboy Style is a stylish vindication for every woman whose ever shunned a dress in favour of a sharply tailored suit or a heel in favour of a flat.

After two years of documenting her tomboy style, Garrett Mettler has published a delicious book of her favourite images from the blog. Twin caught up with her to ask a few questions of our own…

When and why did you start your blog?
May 2010, right after I started to notice a shift in the word. It all of the sudden seemed to be attached to good style all over the place.

What’s your earliest tomboy style memory?
Throwing all of the dolls out of my room at age two.

Who is your go to designer for tomboy style?
Oh man, just one!? Today I’d say…Margaret Howell.

What item of clothing wouldn’t we find in your wardrobe?
An ‘it’ bag.

What’s your default tomboy style uniform?
Skinny jeans, a men’s button-down, smoking slippers.

If you were wearing a dress, what would it be?
I wear dresses a lot actually, but they’re usually more architectural or masculine, like Helmut Lang and Phillip Lim, more of a Roitfeld-inspired look.

When it comes to your style heroines, who makes the final cut?
Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Charlotte Rampling.

What have you learnt from doing your blog?
That there’s quite a few other women that feel the same way I do about the intersection of style and tomboys.

What’s on your wish list?
I am moving into a new house, so right now, all I can think about is furniture.

What’s next up?
Research for the next project!

TOMBOY STYLE: Beyond the Boundaries of Fashion by Lizzie Garrett Mettler is published by Rizzoli New York.

For Bethan Cole’s celebration of tomboys inspired by this book see Twin 6.

Marina Muñoz / © Sebastian Kim

Osa Johnson / © Martin and Oja Johnson Safari Museum

Ali McGraw – 1971 / © William Claxton – Demont Photo Management
Top Image: Susan Ford – 1976/ © Gerald R. Ford Presidental Library

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