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Project Bush

01.10.2013 | Culture | BY:

Mother London wants to see your bush. But in the name of feminism of course. Project Bush is an initiative that asks woman from all walks of life to have theirs photographed on Thursday October 3 anonymously, to stand up to the pressures of modern society.

In working with a number of feminist groups, Mother London’s campaign sets out to discuss feminism celebrity nudes in 2013 – how does it manifest today, what are the challenges it faces and what does it mean to be a feminist? What they realise already is that it’s all about choice. However, when it comes to waxing culture, some young women feel the choice is out of their hands. And so by asking women to bare all, they hope to challenge the stereotype and help people see the choice is, in fact, all theirs.

All bushes will be displayed in a public exhibition at Mother London and all involved will be invited with their friends to a public viewing. So if you would like to have your bush anonimously photographed by top photographer Alisa Connan, 15 Minute slots can be booked all day and in the evening of the 3rd by emailing bush@motherlondon.com.


motherlondon.com  10 Redchurch Street, E1 7DD


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